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Happy Couples

Jordyne + Thomas
Elle by Stella
Hi Alex! Tom and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work to create the most incredible wedding video. You are beyond talented and we cannot put into words how much your attention to detail in capturing our special day truly means to us. You chose the perfect clips, the perfect song, and pieced it all together like a beautiful puzzle. Everyone who has seen the video has nothing but the most kind things to say. Thank you for working so seamlessly with us and all the time you put into this. Getting a videographer was one of the best decisions we made. We get to relive this day forever thanks to you and Nico. Thank you again!
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Emma-Lee + Alex
Peller Estates, NOTL
Hey Alex, I was so excited when I got your email!! I had to force myself not to watch until I could watch with (my) Alex. It was very difficult but I’m proud to share that I did lol. We sat down that night and watched it together and it was sooo special. We were both crying haha. We watched it 4 more times that night and keep watching it each day. Thank you SO much. We seriously LOVED it. Every moment captured, the music, the way the speeches were incorporated, it was perfect! Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully. We also really appreciated how you shared it with just us first, thanks for doing that. If you could hold off to post it public until next weekend, we’d appreciate it! We are going to sit with our fam and friends and watch it with them so this will make sure they can’t sneak a peak haha! Hope you and your family have a nice weekend! Emma
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Kitty + Steve
Kurtz Orchard, NOTL
Dear Alex, congratulations to you & Elizabeth on the safe arrival of your little one. How incredibly exciting! Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely gorgeous film. We have already watched it again & again, and spot something new and amazing every time. It is just fantastic and really captures every element of the day so beautifully. It is such a lovely balance of the heartwarming and loving elements of the day alongside the fun and lighthearted. The craftsmanship of your videography is incredible, and we love the swooping drone shots and other elements that make it so visually interesting and unique. We can’t wait to see the raw footage and speeches. It has been such a pleasure to work with you throughout this whole process. We feel so fortunate to have had you as part of our little NOTL wedding family! Many thanks again and all the very best with your new little family! Kitty & Steve xx
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Martine + Joey
2nd Floor Events
Alex we cannot thank you enough for this BEAUTIFUL video!!! We're over the moon with how it turned out!!! You truly captured the entire day and all of our guests so perfectly :) Thank you for giving us the chance to relive our special day over and over again! We're so happy we had you as our videographer and will of course be recommending you to all of our engaged friends. Thank you thank you thank you! - Martine & Joey (PS Feel free to make the link public at any time, we've already watched it multiple times and have sent it to essentially everyone haha)
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Talia + Mike
Pearle Hotel
Alex, Happy new year!! What a way to start it off. I can't say enough words about how much we absolutely love the video. We watched it last night together (actually like 5 times) and it brought back so many amazing memories of this crazy day. You've been so great to work with and we can't thank you enough! We've already shared it with so many of our friends and family that have said it brought them to tears (of joy lol)! Thank you thank you thank you. Please let me know if we can do anything for you to support your business. Again, so happy for you and all the successes to come! Hopefully we'll cross paths again. All the best, Talia
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Brittney + Joe
Glen Drummond Farm
Alex! Where do I begin? The film, and moments you captured of Joseph and I wedding surpassed our expectations 100%!! You captured every single raw feeling that was felt from every single person throughout the entire wedding, and we cannot thank you enough. Every time we have watched it, a new feeling comes back which is exactly what we wanted. A video we could watch and feel all the emotions that were felt on our wedding day. We can not thank you enough, and how much work & effort you poured into our very special day. I could go on & on, but I'm sure you hear it from every wild bride! I will definitely refer you to every one who comes my way asking for a wedding videographer.
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Jenna + Moe
Private Residence
Alex’s team captured our wedding so perfectly in our wedding film!We’ve been so grateful to have this beautiful memory to watch backevery year, and what stands out the most is Alex’s impeccable attention todetail.We love the way he edited the film to tell our love story, capturingmemorable and sweet moments from our ceremony, to our families’speeches, and our guests enjoying themselves throughout the day. It’s a tearjerker for sure! We recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to invest ina meaningful film of their wedding day!
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Adrienne + Jordan
Stonewall Estates